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Welcome to Architecture at NTNU in Trondheim!

Broderskabet organises events all through the year: fadderukene, parties, cabin trips, sea bathing, sports, and many other social events. This makes it a lot easier to make friends and get to know the school, city and people.

Become a member and you can participate in all the fun things we do!

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The first weeks at NTNU

The first couple of weeks we organise something called "fadderukene" which can be translated to freshers-week or mentor/buddy weeks.

These two weeks are packed with fun activities so that all the new students will get to know other students, NTNU and Trondheim!

Sign up for the buddy program:

To get all the news and updates about the buddy program, please join our Facebook group:


Green Space

Our international sub group

Check out Green Space, our sub group that focuses on integrating local and international students from different programs in architecture. They host quizzes, pizza evenings, movie nights, seminars, and other activities!

Sub groups

Broderskabet is composed of sub groups. Together, they make sure that every member has some kind of activity or community to partake in.

To participate in all of the fun activities and events we host, you have to be a member. Join us by pressing the button below!

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Have a question about your first weeks here?

Ask our head of the buddy program!

Jenny Døhl

Have a question about something else?

Ask our vice leader!

Ellinor Vikan

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